Lamp Shades
Hand Painted Tropical Lamp Shades

Hand painted floral lamp shade for hula lamp

18" deep handprinted tropical floral and palm design samplng

hand painted palm and various lamp shade designs by Hula Lamps of Hawaii

More 18" deep tropical designs pictured below (Heliconia, Antherium, Bird of Paradise, Plumeria)

Hawaii tropical flower floral lamp shade designs hand painted

Please call and we would be happy to let you know our current selection. Designs are always evolving and changing. Each unique handpainted tropical lamp shade is its own individual work of art. We may not have the shade exactly as shown on the website. We are confident that we will have something in stock to suit every taste.

This is just a small sampling of some of our more popular designs and we are constantly adding and changing our selection. Call and we will be happy to Email photos if you have something particular in mind.

Our lamp shades are hand painted onto hand-screened mulberry paper applied to a commercial grade heat resistant shade liner and often completed with an amber finish to give an aged vintage appearance and to seal and protect the painting. These beautiful tropical handpainted lamp shade designs make a perfect compliment to your hulalamp. Many customer's choose to put them on other lamps too, infusing a little Hawaiiana warmth to their decor. Get Inspired...Transport yourself back to the Islands.

Lamp Shades priced by size:

Small (4 x 8 x 12)
Medium (5 x 9 x 14)
Mini coolie (5x9x16)
Extreme Coolie (4 x 10 x 18) w/ fringe
Large Coolie (5 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 18)
16 tall (6x12x16)
Deep Coolie (6x12x18)
New Larger sizes available too (20 and 22 inch sizes) Limited supply at this time

Sampling of 18 inch DEEP designs ( 5 1/2 x 12 x 18 inches )

topical tiki lamp  shade hand painted

Hand painted tiki shade

simple palm lamp shade amber finish handpainted

Simple palms with ocean

natural finish hand painted palm tree lamp shade

Outrigger and palms natural

18 shallow palms with soft ocean band amber finish lamp

Palms with soft ocean band amber finish

old time Diamond head scene grass huts palms outrigger

Old time grass hut and Diamond Head scene

palm fronds rich finish

Palm fronds light aged finish

roughskin textured paper with palm scene

Roughskin textured paper simple palms

windswept palms with outrigger

Warm finish windswept palms and outrigger

Large Coolie (5 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 18)

pineapple and leaves

Pineapple with banana leaf design

full pineapple and monstera leaves

Pineapple monstera and green leaves

hibiscus flower hand painted floral design for hula lamp

Hand painted mult color hibiscus lamp shade

heliconia bird of paradise handpainted lamp shade design

Bird of paradise and heliconia light amber finish

light finish palm fronds 18 shallow handpainted design

Palm fronds light finish

18 shallow old time grass hut diamond head scene

Old time grass hut scene

palms with rich amber finish

Windswept palm rich finish

gentle swaying palms evenly spaced

Gentle sway palms evenly spaced

windswept palms with thin ocean band

Gale force wind swept palms

Soft ocean band with outrigger

Palms with soft ocean band and outrigger

Tiki and outrigger sephia tone

Tiki with outrigger sephia

Tiki with color

Tiki color palms surround

Monstera split leaf philodendron


Plumeria floral handpainted design


16 inch deep designs (6x12x16)

6x12x16 Hand painted lamp shade designs

16 shallow designs (5x9x16)

mini coolie shape 4x9x16 hand painted designs on banana papers and mulberry hand screened papers applied to heat resistant commercial grade rated and tested lamp shade liner

14 inch hand painted design sampling - Just completed Floral designs!

Medium sized 5x9x14 inch hand painted lamp shade design sampling

Small shades (4x9x12) design sampling - Floral designs now available by popular demand!

Small hand painted lamp shade design sampling 4x7x12

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